Our students possess the talent and inner strength to carve their place in the world.

Our Program

  • Sophomore Year

  • Summer
    Experience #1

  • Junior

  • Summer
    Experience #2

  • Senior

  • College/Post-Secondary

  • Alumni network

Summer experience #2

The second summer experience will range from wilderness expeditions, to cultural and service trips, as well as academic or career-related programs. Students partner with their mentor to decide which opportunities best fit their interests and aspirations.

a 30+ year journey

Starting in 1990 with one summer and 14 students, Linda built a movement.

Today, we have nearly 8,000 unstoppable Summer Searchers.

Linda Mornell


Dr. Marc Spencer


Meet Summer Search

We are a community that models the same commitment our students show every day.

What We Stand For

We believe our world is better off when everyone can discover their purpose.

We believe when young people can cultivate the power and courage already inside them, they are unstoppable.

Young people need allies who recognize their lived experiences as strengths—who celebrate their communities.

When we stand up and reject society’s unjust barriers, young people can see the brightness of their future.

Meaningful, long-term mentorships make a life-changing difference.

Experiencing new adventures that push them outside of their comfort zones, students discover their strength.

Learn More About Our Name

Summer Search was originally created by Linda Mornell to provide experiential opportunities for students from underrepresented communities, offering young people a supportive environment to get out of their comfort zones and experience confidence-boosting adventures. They'd reflect on their experiences and emerge with a greater understanding of their goals and purpose. These were summer searches into their hearts. 

Today, summer experiences are still an essential part of the program, with our students traveling to locations all over the world. The program has grown to include in-depth mentorship, post-high school advising, and career support. As our students advance through the program, they find that their summer experiences have transformed into life searches - a continuous, enriching approach to discovering their life's purpose.