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"Choose Summer Search for the amazing connections that you're gonna make with people from all across the country for the endless support that we're gonna provide to you and all of the amazing life-changing experiences that you'll get to be a part of."

— Logan, Seattle staff


" Even though it was a rainy, stormy day, these smiles really lit up the night ✨"

— Adriana, Boston Staff

Edan_Seattle Summer Searcher

"You should join Summer Search because you get amazing mentors, amazing help, and you get to make really cool, lifelong friends and you get to travel for free somewhere really cool."

— Edan, Seattle Summer Searcher

Hawi, Seattle Summer Searcher

" I love Summer Search because they provide you with an extra like area of support, through high school and beyond. "

— Hawi, Seattle Summer Searcher


"Summer Search taught me authenticity, self-determination, and agency."

— Kati, Boston Alumna


"Because this program will show you how powerful you truly are."

— Allie, Former Seattle Staff


"if you're looking for a community that truly got your back and wants you to be you as you are, come on over to Summer Search."

— Michael, Seattle Staff

Ngoc_The Bay Summer Searcher_#ThatsWhy

"Because you can go abroad for free. Get an amazing advisor who's always there to help you, and many more benefits."

— Ngoc, Bay Area Summer Searcher


"Summer Search has given me the courage to do anything that I put my mind up to it"

— Jana, NYC Summer Searcher


"In the future I still, I always wanna be a part of summer search, whether it's me being a board member or stopping in the office when I do have the chance."

— Jessica, Philly Alumna


"Rakuten is immensely proud to support Summer Search's commitment to empowering students with skills and support to move past systemic obstacles and fulfill their potential. Working with their team has been a profoundly enriching experience. It’s humbling to be a collaborator with Summer Search on their heartfelt mission to equip students with skills and knowledge that will transform their lives and build secure futures."

— Elizabeth, University Recruiting Program Lead, Rakuten International


"I chose Summer Search 'cause of the many opportunities and adventures I was able to go on."

— Kalkidan, Seattle Student


"Because Summer Search helps you open your eyes to new opportunities. It helps you grow your mind and meet new people and get yourself out there. It helps you learn more about people in your community. "

— Evelyn, NYC Summer Searcher


"Because I've seen my students grow so much in a year and a half socially, emotionally, mentally, and just get to be in a special community with each other."

— Joshua, NYC Staff


"[Summer Search] gave me the tools, the space, the challenges, the opportunities, the mentorship I needed in my life to help me embrace where I come from and who I am."

— Lupita, Bay Area Alumna and Boston Alumni Board Member


"Why Summer Search? You should do Summer Search for your peers, family, friends, and siblings, to set an example, and to live a better life."

— Noe, Seattle Summer Seacher


"You'll get to meet new people, have new experiences, and get to know yourself better."

— Megan, National Staff


"This team believe our students deserve the best and the highest quality program, and I witness them deliver that every single day. So for that, I am grateful."

— Hermese, Boston Alumna & Staff


"Summer Search, is a huge part of my, growing and helped me become the woman that I am today."

— Rachelle, Boston Alumna


"[The 2023 Alumni Summit & Leadership Conference] was exciting! It was invigorating, and I'm looking forward to the future. "

— Mykala, Philly Alumna


"Because [Summer Search] provided me with opportunities I wouldn't have known about otherwise."

— David, Seattle Alum & Staff


"Why summer search? Not only do we have great mentors, great trips, it's all free!"

— Alex Jesus, Boston Alum & National Staff


" I felt empowered, motivated to continue the work and reconnect with my summer search family."

— Angelica, Bay Area Alumna


"Why summer search? Because here you can make friends that'll be with you for life."

— Kenyon, Bay Area Staff


"Because this is a community that will meet you where you are at, and celebrate who you are."

— Therese, Seattle Staff

Jehan, Seattle Summer Searcher

"You should join Summer Search because you'll have a fun time and make good connections. "

— Jehan, Seattle Summer Searcher

Nick_National Staff_#ThatsWhy

"You should join Summer Search because there's nothing more powerful than having a group of people believe in you, sometimes, even more than you believe in yourself."

— Nick, National Staff


"Because Summer Search won't only help you search for your purpose, but will help you achieve your dreams and your goals."

— Diana, NYC Summer Searcher

Peter_former NYC staff_ThatsWhy

" Summer Search is an awesome combination of a place to hang out after school, a place to connect with friends, a place to meet new friends, a place to help get support going into your post-secondary pathway, choosing a college, choosing a trade school, et cetera, and summer experiences."

— Peter, Former NYC Staff


"As a proud Summer Search alum, Joel thanks Summer Search for all the support in helping him overcome the many obstacles of a first-generation college graduate. "

— Joel, NYC Alum


"To this day, I wear a bracelet on my wrist which I earned from my trip. It’s a reminder that leadership is about service—a lesson I learned through my Summer Search journey."

— Jamal, NYC Alum


"Summer Search allows me to feel so connected with my community all while being a part of something much bigger than myself."

— Fatoumata, NYC Summer Searcher

Morgan_former Bay Area staff_ThatsWhy

"Because people of color deserve to have access to the outdoors just as much as everyone else."

— Morgan, former Bay Area staff

Susan_Seattle Staff_#ThatsWhy

"Join Summer Search to meet new people and to get support in whatever pathway that you choose to do after high school and to be part of a big, fun community."

— Susan, Seattle Staff


"I have witnessed how transformational [Summer Search] is for young people. I saw students that were struggling to find their place become leaders in and outside of school. I have watched former Summer Searchers become adults that are making a difference in their communities!"

— Jennifer, College & Career Readiness Specialist, Foster High School


" I recommend Summer Search because they brought me to places such as Ecuador to chase my ambitions as doing humanitarian work."

— Jonathan, Seattle Summer Seacher


"In Summer Search, I was able to create long lasting friendships and memories. Meanwhile, getting comfortable being vulnerable with other people."

— Elaisa, NYC Summer Searcher


"Why summer search? Because it opens a network of opportunities that I would've never had."

— Jordan, NYC Alum

Philip_Seattle Staff_#ThatsWhy

"Because you get to go to places like here!"

— Philip, Seattle Staff


"If you express what you want outta life, Summer Search has your back."

— Diane, Former Boston Staff

Jaylin_Seattle Staff_VRT

"Because the more connections you got, the more money you'll make, the more friends you'll make."

— Jaylin, Seattle Staff


"Because we're looking for students like you that want to grow, that want to challenge themselves, that wanna get it put in a new environment and learn. That's WHY!"

— Chano, Bay Area Alum


"There's something so wonderful about the Summer Search community where, aside from challenging you to grow, you are just always welcomed with open arms, and feel right at home."

— Dariela, NYC Alumna & Staff Alumna


"Summer Search saw the potential in me"

— Fernando, Boston Alum


"The heart of what we do is relationships. And that's the heart of what alumni work is."

— Seth, National Staff

Harmony _Seattle _SummerSearcher

"Summer Search opens a doorway to new opportunities and possibilities."

— Harmony, Seattle Summer Searcher


"ConGRADulations to our High School graduates!! 🎓"

— Trixie, Boston Staff

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