Stacey Thompson: Student to Staff

At Summer Search, the work we do is important, and it isn’t easy. That’s why we are so grateful to have such an amazing and talented team of superstars who are dedicated to helping young people thrive.

So don’t take our word for it, let our staff tell you why working at Summer Search is pretty great -- our staff members that are also alumni, who have the unique perspective of having been students in our program and now being employees.

Stacey Thompson

As a staff veteran of 20+ years (wow!), Stacey has held many roles across the entire Summer Search network, from Intern, to Mentor, to Program Director. She is now our National Director of Program Performance.

QUESTION: Since joining staff, what have you learned about Summer Search that you weren’t aware of as a student?


As a student twenty years ago, I encountered Summer Search as a series of experiences and conversations that helped me learn about myself. I never knew why these experiences were so transformative.

Now I know that Summer Search takes a developmental approach with each student, using the same model, but requiring incredible skill and flexibility to meet each student where they are in their journey. The mentoring is tailored specifically to each student in how we build relationships, promote reflective conversations, and celebrate tangible successes that create a storyline for each student that they have an important voice, are capable and are the leaders our world needs. As a student I saw myself as just another kid, now I know all along Summer Search saw something much more!

QUESTION: Being both a Summer Search alumnus and a staff member, what keeps you inspired at work day in and day out?


Great people, point blank! In a distracted and disconnected world, Summer Search continues to foster communities of connected and understanding people — The kind of people that care about what is below the iceberg. Summer Search students, staff and board members are generous in spirit and dedicated to growth. How nice it is to be constantly seen and challenged to grow!