Post-Secondary Possibilities

Summer Search Bay Area students and mentors on a college visit.

One of our Bay Area students, Luce, is the oldest of four siblings. Her family owns a taqueria, and she worked there every day after school. Her family was her priority, but she also dreamed of being the first in her family to go to college. Despite getting into her dream college, she confided in her mentor, Bradley, that she wasn’t going. It was too expensive. Her family couldn’t afford it.

In the same way that Luce showed up to support her family every day, Bradley and the Summer Search team showed up for Luce, surrounding her with support.

In collaboration with a Summer Search post-secondary mentor, Bradley and Luce were able to find workable financial aid options and ways to effectively share them with Luce's family. Sitting across the table, amid the hustle and bustle of the taqueria, Luce’s mom learned about the aid process and what was possible—all in her first language, Spanish. Most importantly, she learned her family’s collective hard work had paved the way to make college a reality for Luce.

At Summer Search, Luce discovered that her goals for college and beyond were within her family’s reach. With the dedicated support of the Summer Search team who worked in partnership with her family, Luce found the financial resources to attend college and achieve her dreams.