Easton Davis - Summer Search mentor

I see myself in many of our students’ shoes. I can attest firsthand how important it is to have someone who is consistently available and knowledgeable about the college process and culture in achieving student success. I believe that the right pairing with a mentor and student can lead to a transformational relationship.

It’s hard to quantify and measure how important these mentoring relationships are. How critical that person [the mentor] is in guiding a student to their goal and through difficulty. These relationships exist far beyond the current moment. For a student, I believe their Summer Search relationships stick with them long past their time with us. It becomes an internalized part of their decision-making process in their lives going forward.

The odds aren’t stacked in our students’ favor. We are guiding someone’s life and putting them in a position to thrive because the institutions designed to support them often fail to meet their full needs. This motivates me and creates a sense of urgency to push for equity. Pushing to see what true equity looks like. That guides my compass for my work as a mentor and advisor.