Summer Searchers: College Bound

A few months ago, we introduced you to seven Summer Searchers in a series of podcast-style conversations called Press Play, where they talked with their mentors about their college-bound journeys.

At the time, most of these high school seniors had not yet made their final decisions about where they would be going to school in the fall.

Well, those college decisions have been made! So let’s see where these seven students are going, and what they have been up to.


College Decision: UC Berkeley

After applying to 15 different schools all over the country, Ibrahim ended up deciding to go, as he put it, “just 15 minutes away from my home,” to the Golden Bear campus in Berkeley, California.

Upon reflecting on this big decision, he told his mentor Sam that “out of all of the schools I applied to, UC Berkeley was my absolute reach school and the fact that I was able to get in meant a lot… I have to take advantage of it. Berkeley is going to give me the best opportunities to grow and thrive as a leader.”


College Decision: Hamilton College

When we first introduced Luis, he was already looking forward to starting classes at Hamilton in the fall. Since then, he has been awarded the prestigious Gates Millennium Scholarship, one of just 1,000 scholars chosen from a pool of more than 53,000 applicants!

Toni Ann

College Decision: New York University

It was a really tough choice for Toni Ann, who was deciding between several schools that all seemed like great fits. However, NYU broke the deadlock by offering Toni Ann a FULL RIDE (for the first year, to be renewed based on GPA) and on-campus housing!


College Decision: CSU Channel Islands

CSUCI offered Geni the best financial aid and opportunities to pursue her passion for social activism, allowing her to officially join her older brother as the first in her family to go to college.

Speaking of her family, Geni told her mentor Ben that the college selection process, including a visit to the CSUCI campus, helped bring her and her father closer together.


College Decision: Brown University

Since we last heard from Dennis, he not only made the huge decision to head across the country to Brown from the Bay Area, but like Luis, he also was awarded the Gates Millennium Scholarship!

Dennis decided on Brown in large part because of his conversations with fellow Summer Searcher, and current Brown student, Gianna Uson. She was able to give him a much more personalized look at campus life. Dennis also really liked Brown’s open curriculum, as he isn’t quite sure what he wants to study yet, so he appreciates that he will have the opportunity to explore.


College Decision: Franklin and Marshall College

As you might remember, Cesar had already applied and been accepted Early Decision to his first choice college, Franklin and Marshall. But even with his early acceptance, he didn’t succumb to “senioritis.” In fact, he continued his excellent work right until the end, which earned him the title of valedictorian of his high school!

As we wish our college-bound Summer Searchers luck in the next steps of their journeys, we wanted to acknowledge two donors who made gifts with specific messages for our Press Play participants:

John T. Finnegan, who said “don’t be afraid to be great!” and Sally Carlson, who encouraged these Summer Searchers to “keep up the hard and good work, and investing in yourself — you’re worth it!”

We couldn’t agree more! To all of our graduating high school seniors of the Class of 2016, on behalf of the entire Summer Search community, you are all definitely worth it!