Muhammad S. Bah

Often seen to be an old soul, Muhammad had a variety of life experiences that shaped him. Growing up between the Bronx and Guinea exposed Muhammad to a variety of cultural norms and fascinating similarities and differences between different groups of people. This made Muhammad a very open character who is always excited to learn about people’s backgrounds and family history. Muhammad joined Summer Search in 2014 after a 5 year stay in Guinea. Summer Search offered Muhammad the opportunity to meet new people of diverse backgrounds, participate in events, and travel to places he would not have visited otherwise. Muhammad has also been to many different schools throughout his K-12 career. He graduated from Alfred State College with a BBA in Personal Financial Planning. Muhammad then started his first job at Morgan Stanley as a Finance Analyst where he learned how to operate in a corporate environment. Learner is the best way to describe Muhammad. He believes in the endless pursuit of knowledge and growth to become the best version of himself he can be. Muhammad’s favorite foods are Cassava leaves and peanut butter stew over rice. He got hungry just writing about it for this bio.