Jasper Hanowell

Position: Career and Internship Navigator

Pronouns: He/Him/His.

Jasper grew up on Vashon Island and ventured to Massachusetts to receive a B.A. in Education and History from Smith College. Since then, he has been a teacher and advocate for youth in Oakland, Nepal, and Seattle. He has managed school gardens in Elementary schools and taught students the magic of growing food and importance of nutrition. Most recently, Jasper worked for a non-profit that provides education to girls from underserved regions of Nepal. He travelled to a boarding school in the Himalayas and supported the students and staff there as well as the students in Kathmandu. Here, he became even more aware of the systemic barriers that keep communities in poverty and how pivotal education is to break these cycles. Jasper loves teaching, connecting, and learning with young people and he is so excited to be working at Summer Search.

Jasper loves to play music, play pickleball, hike, swim, and cook delicious vegan food during his free time!