Danya Allswang

Position: Program Associate

Danya is a visionary and a leader. She has had the opportunity to mentor individuals of all ages in various settings such as dance studios, foster homes, and correctional facilities. Driven by innovation and a desire to see a better tomorrow, Danya has utilized rehabilitative and restorative justice practices, as well as formal and informal therapeutic techniques, to encourage positive development.
After graduating high school, Danya took a gap year to volunteer with foster youth overseas. After a year of self-growth, she obtained her B.A. in Criminology and Criminal Justice from the University of Maryland.
An avid dancer, Danya has practiced many forms of the art including: West African, Jazz, Modern, Afro-Jazz, Ballet, and, her favorite and most studied, Hip-Hop. Her favorite animal is the baby elephant and she has never eaten a waffle that she didn’t love!