Borah Coburn

Position: High School Program Director

Pronouns: She/Her

Borah is passionate about empowering young people to live authentically, and a believer in the power of transformative experiences and nature. As a High School Program Manager, Borah supports mentors to hold space for their mentees’ kaleidoscopic experiences, grow in their own amazing ways, and model healthy work/life balance by celebrating, taking care, and being fully present in our own lives.

Before joining Summer Search, Borah taught literacy and global citizenship in the Bronx. Borah received the 2017 Excellence in Education award from the Committee for Teaching on the United Nations for her work as a NYC Junior Ambassador Educator.

Borah holds a BA from Boston University and an MA from the Hunter College School of Education.

A wilderness enthusiast herself, Borah has participated in an archeological expedition in Mongolia, camped in the Adirondacks, canoed the Delaware, and hiked all over upstate NY with her baby girl (safely strapped into her carrier). When she’s not in the woods, she’s probably singing, knitting, soaking up time with family and friends, or making dumplings.