Alex Jesus

Alex Jesus

Position: Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Pronouns: He/Him/His. 

Originally from Boston, Alex brings a unique perspective and creative energy to our team. With a passion for creating engaging content and leveraging the latest digital technologies, he helps us reach and connect with our audience in new and innovative ways.

In addition to his professional work, Alex is an accomplished stand-up comedian, bringing his unique perspective and sharp wit to comedy clubs and events. He is also an avid reader, constantly seeking new ideas and perspectives to incorporate into his work and personal life.

When he’s not working or performing, Alex enjoys spending time with his family, exploring all that Boston has to offer, and trying out new restaurants and cuisines.

“Creating and sharing meaningful content is the key to building strong and lasting connections between individuals and communities. As a Digital Media Manager and Podcast Producer, I am passionate about leveraging the latest technologies and platforms to engage with our audience and help them achieve their goals. Whether through humor, education, or inspiration, I am committed to creating content that resonates with people and helps them live their best lives while embracing the vibrant culture of Boston.”