What Is The Career Coach Program?

El Programa de Asesoramiento Profesional (CCP) brinda una oportunidad para que voluntarios profesionales y experimentados trabajen directamente con los participantes de Summer Search apoyándolos en la exploración de carreras y ayudándolos a desarrollar las habilidades duras y sociales necesarias para asegurar una pasantía o un trabajo. CCP permite a los participantes de educación postsecundaria de Summer Search y a los ex alumnos recientes beneficiarse del apoyo atento, las habilidades profesionales y las experiencias de nuestros entrenadores. Juntos, cada pareja trabajará para preparar a los participantes mientras toman decisiones informadas sobre su trayectoria y desarrollo profesional.

We are currently wrapping up our 2023-2024 Career Coach season and will be opening up applications for participants and coaches for the next cycle in summer 2024. Check back for more information!

2023-2024 Career Coach Program Tiers

This year piloted a new model that is broken into tiers to help facilitate the most effective relationship for our participant and coaches. We’re excited to both expand the career coach program while also creating more specificity and clarity for participants and coaches so that everyone is getting the most out of the program and having their needs in this moment met.

This structure was informed by participant and coach feedback from the past few years but we will continue to ask for feedback throughout the year on how this new model is going. The top tiers, Career Coaching and Guided Career Milestones, are considered a part of our Career Coach Program. Single Need Support and Career Exploration are part of our general career supports at Summer Search and still available to those who participate in our Career Coaching Program. Click below to see more details on each.

Career Coaching

  • Individualized mentoring with holistic, field specific support and thought partnership
  • Training provided on owning and leveraging relationship
  • Content delivered through Career Coaches
  • Runs from September – June
  • Meet 2x per month
  • Application required for participation

Guided Career Milestones

  • Match on CONNECT (by Summer Search staff) to complete common career needs with deadlines
  • Follows guidebook and gives feedback
  • Content delivered through Career Guides
  • Runs twice a year: September – December and January – May
  • Potential to have more than one participant per guide
  • Application required for participation

Singe Needs Support

  • Informational interviews, connections, resume review, interview support
  • Content delivered to external volunteers
  • Completed on an ad-hoc basis as requests take place
  • Outreach to Summer Search staff for participation
  • To be a part of our volunteer pool to be considered for one off opportunities please complete this form.

Career Exploration

  • Events, shadowing, networking
  • Content delivered through Summer Searching programming
  • Timing: On going throughout the year
  • Summer Search will outreach about these opportunities as they arise

Time Commitment

Summer Searchers and volunteers should plan to participate in an initial hour long info session (via Zoom), attend the Kick Off Event (about 2 hours) and spend about 2 hours a month working together.

Important Dates

January 11 at 5 pm EST– Virtual Info Session for Guided Career Milestone Spring Session. (One info session is required for participation)

January 22 at 12 pm EST – Virtual Info Session for Guided Career Milestone Spring Session. (One info session is required for participation)

February 5th at 5 pm EST – Kick Off Event for Guided Career Milestone Spring Session (Virtual)

February 2024 – Mid Year Check Ins for Career Coach Participants and Coaches with staff

June 2024 – Career Coach Program (Coaches and Guides) Ends


Coach/Guide Questions? Reach out to Sam Larkan: 617.390.1955

Participant Questions? Reach out to Lily Smith: 617.390.1934

Ready to Apply?

Applications for next session will open in July 2024.

Participant App

Volunteer App

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