Content Submissions:

Terms & Conditions

Through Summer Search’s Voices & Creators platform, we invite students, alumni, staff, and our partners/supporters to submit original, creative content for the consideration of publication on Summer Search’s website and/or social media.

Use Of Content

By submitting a piece to Summer Search, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

Any piece…

*Must be your personal work or that of someone for whom you are a representative.
*Must not contain copyrighted material (except as owned by you, the submitter).
*Must not contain malicious code.
*Must not contain inflammatory or otherwise intemperate language.
*May be edited, used in part, or in full, unless expressly agreed upon by both the owner and Summer Search.
*Previously published work will not be considered.
*Simultaneous submissions are acceptable provided the creator notifies Summer Search should the work be accepted elsewhere.


You grant Summer Search permission to use and display your work, name, and likeness, including on the Summer Search website, galleries, donation/fundraisers, and social media.

You retain ownership and copyright of your work.

All use of Summer Search’s content requires permission, including educational materials, books, curriculum, or creative content.

Summer Search cannot guarantee that your work will not be copied by unauthorized individuals.

All inquiries concerning usage rights or permissions for our submissions must be directed to and include:

*A detailed description of the content you would like to use.
*How you intend to distribute it.
*The purpose of its use.
*Any instances where you may have already used this content.


All creators must sign and date an agreement (which Summer Search will provide upon submission) to acknowledge and accept the terms as outlined above. If the creator is under the age of 18, the signature of a parent or guardian is also required.

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