January 19, 2023

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Tashi Diaz

(She | Her)

Tashi Diaz

About Tashi:

What She's Sharing:

'A Summer of Adventure,' a video she created to showcase the voices and reflections of Summer Search NYC students and staff, as well as some of our summer partners, as they looked back on their 2022 summer experiences. As Tashi describes:

"During the summer, our students, many who were hesitant to travel after experiencing the pandemic, go on some really amazing and life changing trips. Below is what they experienced."

Watch her video below or on YouTube.

Shoutout to all the video participants:

  • Summer Search NYC Students: Luisa,
    Jaylene, Shian, Dani, and Sarah;
  • Summer Search Staff: Dominic Cathey (NYC Program Director);
  • Partners:
    Kelly Moynihan (Global Routes Program Director).

Thank you Tashi for sharing your video storytelling talents, and for being part of this wonderful Summer Search community.

Stay tuned for more!


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