June 16, 2023

Freedom. Through the eyes and artistry of Summer Searchers.

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Abby Medilme

(She | Her)

Abby Medilme

Rising senior at Everett High School, Summer Search Boston.

Don’t Forget

Malcolm X once said, “History is a people’s memory,” and he was absolutely correct. We can always remember but we must never forget.

Artwork created by Abby Medilme.

Artwork / Image Description (Created by Abby Medilme): photo of a canvas artwork featuring a collage of black and white illustrations, as well as news and proclamation clippings, all depicting the violence and vastness of slavery and colonialism.

What Is Freedom?

When I think about freedom and what it means to me: it means struggle and survival. In order for us to continue to push forward we must be strong. We will never truly be free unless we are willing to endure the struggle of breaking free from the shackles that were put on our ancestors. We must survive all the trials and tribulations on the road ahead before we will reach the freedom we desire. But also considering this we must never forget to acknowledge the freedom that was earned and the freedom that was fought for.  ~ Abby

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