June 22, 2023

Freedom. Through the eyes and artistry of Summer Searchers. 

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Abby Saint-Louis

(She | Her)

Rising senior at Everett High School, Summer Search Boston.

What Is Freedom?

A Poem by Abby Saint-Louis

According to the dictionary freedom is the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint

But to me it's the right to be able to hear police sirens without thinking it’s for me even though i did nothing wrong

it’s not being scared to learn to drive in the fear of getting pulled by police officers for no other reason but the color of my skin

it's being able to live in a city where the people in office aren't racist

it's being able to speak up without the fear of backlash

it's being able to speak or dress a certain way and not be placed under a stereotype

it's being able to go back to my country without the fear of being killed

it's being able to walk home at night without the fear of getting followed

But maybe that's just too much to ask for

Maybe the freedoms that i have are all i need

Maybe the freedom i have been given has been taken for granted

But maybe it's time to use what I have been given to take more to create more and most importantly to be freed more

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