Thank you for attending Voices of Summer Search 2024!

Voices of Summer Search took place on April 2nd, 2024 at GBH Studios. We were excited to bring back to the stage the stories of our Summer Search community and build on what we started last year to bring an even better event forward.

In case you missed it or want to enjoy any of it again, the recording of the program is below

If you were unable to attend and would like to make a contribution to Summer Search Boston you may do so at the button below:

Donate Now

The video below is a recording of the full program from the Voices of Summer Search event on April 2, 2024. 


Relive The Stories From Voices Of Summer Search 2024

Watch All On Vimeo

Event Committee

Tricia Blank

Deirdre Curry

Donna Desilus

Liza Meyerhardt

Kathrin Midgley

Emmie Monsein

Event Hosts

Tricia & Tim Blank

Tony & Amy Briney

Julie & Kevin Callaghan

Julianna Connolly & Brian McDonnell

Deirdre Curry & Mike Donahue

Donna Desilus

Jeff & Caitlin Dorigan

Tanya Freeman-Wisdom & Richard Wisdom

Ron Germán & Tiffany Andrade

Nancy Hsiung & Charles Keough

Brian & Amanda Kinney

Christine & John Komola

David & Carrie Lucchino

Ric Marx & Deborah Benson

Liza & Jeffrey Meyerhardt

Kathrin & Hank Midgley

Dale & Robert Mnookin

Emmie Monsein

Haren & Caitlin Nayagan

Yareni Sanchez & Benjamin Mays

Marie & Mark Schwartz

Lynda Schweitzer Wood & Dan Wood

Ellen & Steven Segal

Gavin Smith & Khai-El Johnson

Margie & Paul Stanzler

Fredi & Howard Stevenson

Jeff & Chrissy Teschke

Joanna & Nigel Travis

Welcome to the NEW!

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