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Woodbridge, NJ. | This photo reminds me that nature and peace can be found in your backyard. This was taken on a walk on the trail behind my house.


Daris is passionate about helping youth recognize their strengths and reach their full potential. Since earning her master’s degree in clinical psychology with a concentration in children and adolescents from Montclair State University, Daris has used this theoretical foundation to provide youth with the support and resources they need to thrive.

Daris has worked in various settings supporting youth. She was an advocate counselor at a transfer high school, providing post-secondary planning, career readiness, and mentorship to youth from the ages of 16-21. Daris also has experience in grief work. At Imagine, a center for coping with loss, Daris provided trauma-informed grief support to youth and their families. At Imagine, Daris also focused on providing further access to grief support services in Spanish. Her most recent role involved working with the youth ELITE program in Middlesex County to provide case management, career guidance, and crucial resources to help youth obtain their high school equivalency and/or enter in-demand training programs. Daris is excited to continue supporting youth in her role at Summer Search.

Daris is a first-generation Dominican American. In her free time, Daris enjoys spending time in nature and taking walks in flower gardens and arboretums. She also enjoys finding beautiful places to have a picnic. Daris really enjoys traveling and visiting new cities and countries. Her guilty pleasure is watching reality TV shows such as The Bachelorette and Love is Blind.

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