Pebrero 23, 2023

Ang Nakalimutang Hiyas – Viche' Thomas

Brendan Hill

Si Brendan ay ang National Marketing & Communications Manager sa Summer Search.

Mga Boses at Tagalikha ay isang platform para sa komunidad ng Summer Search na magbahagi ng mga pananaw, likha, talento, at higit pa.

Viche' Thomas


Viche' with two Seattle students.

About Viche’ (She|Her):

Ano ang Kanyang Ibinabahagi:

‘The Forgotten Jewel,’ a spoken word piece that she wrote and edited. As she shared on her LinkedIn:

“In honor of Black History – I will not say month : !… posting a poem that reflects where I once was with my sense of self… I struggled with a low self-esteem for a longgggggggg time and didn’t think I was worthy of much…* Lowkey gets me everything I reflect* however I also used to pray that one day it would be for a reason… I clearly had some type of faith that it would work out.. shout out to my faith.”

Additional Context shared from Viche’:

My name is Viche’ pronounced “VIH – SHAY” NOT V’shay… My name was given to me from my mother’s middle name; she always liked her middle name more than her first so she decided to pass it to me. When I was younger I used to want a different name, unaware of the beauty and history it carried.. Now I’m quick to correct nicknames with a “actually I prefer my full name, Viche’.”

Black and beyond proud to be. Born and raised in the ONLY neighborhood POC were allowed to live in after migrating to Seattle. The historically Black neighborhood that is no longer inclusive of us, THE CD (Central District for those that don’t know) .

I consider myself to be a serial hobbyist; I’m forever indulging in something! Everything from poetry to hiking to videography, I truly believe that I can learn anything and do not like limiting myself. A passionate, empathetic, hard-shell Black girl from the CD. Hope you enjoy my poetry and to quote the infamous Erykah Badu, “this is my art and I’m sensitive about my s%$t.

With Love.

Panoorin ang kanyang video sa ibaba o nasa youtube.

Definitely check out Viche”s Black G.A.B YouTube, which, as she describes: “Creates various spaces encouraging EVERYONE to love themselves & their beauty while centering those furthest from it, Black women and girls.

Thank you Viche’ for all that you do, and for being part of this incredible Summer Search community.


Mga Boses at Tagalikha

Isang platform para sa aming buong komunidad ng Summer Search upang ibahagi ang iyong mga pananaw, likha, talento, at higit pa.

Ibahagi ang Iyong Boses

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