Michal "MJ" Jones

Michal “MJ” Jones

Position: Project Manager, Postsecondary Programs

Pronouns: They/Them and He/Him.

Michal “MJ” Jones is a parent, educator, and poet living in Richmond, CA. A youth development professional with knowledge in marginalized student and youth development, they joined Summer Search eager to learn and support Postsecondary programming. MJ served as a Postsecondary Manager for the Bay Area site for 3 1/2 years before shifting to the National team, where they will support the entire Postsecondary network across all 5 Summer Search sites!

Before coming to Summer Search, MJ coordinated programming for LGBTQ+ youth of color at Youth Uprising in East Oakland; worked as a Resident Director at UC Berkeley; and served as a Content Writer for magazines such as Everyday Feminism, Wear Your Voice, and The Body is Not An Apology. He gained an MFA in Poetry from Mills College, an MA in Student Development Administration from Seattle University, and a BA in Sociology from Sonoma State University.

MJ also currently serves as Editor-In-Chief of Foglifter Press, an award-winning magazine featuring queer & trans writers and poets. His first book, HOOD VACATIONS, will be published by Black Lawrence Press in 2023!

MJ’s best and favorite muse is their son, Glory.