Emily FitzGerald

Position: Director of PS Program & Alumni Relations

Emily believes everyone deserves a chance to thrive. Her commitment to education equality is her constant compass. 

Emily came to Summer Search as a mentor and helped launch the College Success program. She experiences the beauty and power of the longevity of Summer Search as college freshmen become college graduates before her eyes. 

Emily holds a B.A. in Classical Languages from Hamilton College and worked at NYC Audubon as the Development Associate and Membership Director. She served in AmeriCorps as a Literacy Tutor at an elementary school in Oakland, California and taught English along the Amazon River in Peru. 

When she’s not laughing with her hilarious coworkers, she can be found doing crossword puzzles, hiking in the Hudson River Valley, exploring her hometown on her bicycle or birding in the city’s parks. She lives in Brooklyn and plays Frisbee with her husband.