Diane Joseph

Position: Program Associate

Julia is passionate about college access and youth development, supporting young people to leverage their strengths and follow their own pathways. Growing up in an ROTC military family, she is especially conscientious of the challenges first generation students face and dedicated to providing insight and resources.

Diane has been working with youth in the mental health field for over 7 years. Diane started in a residential setting, and then transitioned to a school setting. Prior to coming to Summer Search, she was a Therapeutic Mentor to youth ages 6-16. Diane is so excited to exclusively work with students in high school. She truly believe in the benefits of mentorship and the impacts it has on students during this crucial stage in their life. Diane is extremely passionate about supporting youth through self-exploration, cultural identity exploration, and social emotional learning. Outside of work, she enjoys music and reading, although most of her free time is taken up by completing her degree in Business Administration/Nonprofit Management.