Anita Li

Position: Senior Program Associate

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Anita was born and raised in San Francisco, and grew up surrounded by cultural influences that have shaped her perspectives and narratives in which she is still currently exploring. Born into a Chinese-Costa-Rican household, Anita speaks both Cantonese and Spanish and is still navigating her identity in these multi-dimensional worlds of the second-generation immigrant experience. On her days off, you can find her hiding away in a coffee shop, on a hiking trail, or simply somewhere connecting with friends over good food and great ideas.

Anita graduated from Lawrence University with a degree in Psychology and Ethnic Studies. She experienced the culture shock in Wisconsin after having grown up in California all her life, but couldn’t have been more grateful for the experience that has led to her broadening her perspectives on race, social constructs, and systems of power. Through her experience there, she especially benefited from finding her own community outside of home, and gaining tools of empowerment and healing that she hopes to bring back to her community here in the bay.

An alum of this program, Anita has seen what the power of self-reflection, the love of a community, and the opportunity to broaden perspectives can do to one’s narrative. She’s extremely grateful that her journey to finding home has led her back to the place where she first learned how it felt to be her most authentic self.”