Once a Summer Searcher, always a Summer Searcher.

Summer Search college students

Whether  it's been a week, a year or much longer we can't wait to hear from you. Summer Search is committed to supporting you in the following areas:

  1. Academics and the adjustment to college
  2. Engagement, networking with your peers and giving back
  3. Career Exploration
  4. Financial Aid and Money Management

You'll find information on all of this on our web site, on our Facebook pages and by contacting your post-secondary coordinators.

the college program

College Students, we know you are moving mountains right now to adjust to college, find the right major, find ways to contribute to your campus and community and find a summer internship. We are here to help! You can expect to hear from us at least twice a semester during your freshman and sophomore years of college, or more often if you’d like.

As you should know by now Summer Search is committed to supporting each and every one of you through the crucial and vulnerable first two years of college. Call, email or contact us by Facebook anytime and let us know how you are doing.

We want to hear about it! We’d love to help if you need it, or to just catch up. Email us today!

career exploration and summer internships

Looking for an internship for next summer? Visit our Career page for Summer Search College students for resources and access to our Internship Program!


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