Washington Business Week

Washington Business Week (WBW) is a summer experiences partner and places students in a dynamic simulation where they role play as industry professionals, launch a company, sharpen their communication skills, and solve real-world challenges.

During this week-long immersive event, participants engage in a variety of hands-on activities. Through teamwork, mentorship from industry professionals, and exposure to career-related concepts, students gain valuable insights into the professional world and foster their leadership abilities.

Washington Business Week aims to prepare young minds for future success in the business, healthcare, and clean energy worlds by providing a dynamic and interactive learning environment. Each program provides a unique, immersive experience, fostering skills and understanding within their respective fields while highlighting the interconnectedness of business, healthcare, and clean energy in the contemporary world. 

See the program in action:

Program Details

  • Renton Technical College (Renton, WA)
  • University of Puget Sound (Tacoma, WA)
Program Length: 1 week
Courses and Dates: 
  • Business/Entrepreneurship
    • Residential: Aug 4-9, 2024
  • Telehealth/Healthcare
  • Clean Energy
Participant Mix: Mix of students from across the country and internationally. You may not have another Summer Searcher in your chosen field, but there will be Summer Searchers attending the same week as you.
Accommodations: Dorms, sharing room with other participant(s).
Bathrooms: Shared dorm bathrooms
Phone Access: You'll have your phone throughout the program, but please be fully present during classes, team meetings, and guest presentations.
COVID Policy: Proof of vaccination required.
Travel (In State):  In state students are eligible for transit cards if attending a commuter program instead of residential.
Travel (Out of State): Summer Search will provide flight transportation to participants attending from regions outside of Seattle. (a government-issued ID is required!)

Program Activities

Business Program

  • Jump into the world of starting and running a business.
  • Tackle real-world challenges and simulations.
  • Participate in collaborative projects.
  • Gain practical skills in marketing, financial decision-making, and business operations.
  • Pick up useful skills in advertising, money decisions, and how businesses run.
  • Get advice and learn by doing.

Healthcare Program

  • Explore the evolving healthcare landscape.
  • Emphasize the intersection of technology and healthcare delivery.
  • Look closely at telehealth solutions.
  • Engage in hands-on projects and case studies.
  • Understand how new ideas in healthcare can make a difference for patients.

students will get from this experience...

  • College-credit: All participants who complete the program receive 2 transferrable college credits.
  • Teamwork: Work with others on projects and simulations to build teamwork skills. 
  • Mentorship: Get advice and guidance from experienced professionals.
  • Problem-Solving: Learn to solve real problems faced by businesses and industries.
  • Connected Learning: See how business, healthcare, and clean energy are all linked in the world today.

This experience could be a good fit if you...

  • Have or able to get a valid government-issued ID (like a REAL ID) - only for out of state participants.
  • Are looking to learn what it's like to live on a college campus.
  • Are interested in a specific career field you want to learn and explore more about.
  • Are looking to build connections with industry professionals and like-minded peers.
  • Want to develop leadership skills and self-confidence.



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