Seattle Sophomore Summer Experiences

Summer Search offers students once in a lifetime Seattle sophomore summer experiences . As a Summer Searcher you receive a scholarship to participate in a meaningful and explorative summer experience. This scholarship covers the cost of the program, most equipment, and transportation.

Your Sophomore Summer Experience is typically a 1-week residential experience in Washington state. We partner with a select few incredible organizations that allow Summer Searchers to connect and bond with others, explore identity in a safe space, and challenge themselves as much as they’d like.

We believe that through a Summer Experience you'll have the opportunity to:

  • Try something new & get a little out of your comfort zone.
  • Apply your strengths in new ways.
  • Connect with others & form new friendships.
  • Discover more about what you’re capable of.
  • Focus on yourself and explore who you want to become.

Although some Summer Searchers feel a little unsure going into their Summer Experience, many return saying it was a transformative experience they enjoyed, they learned a lot that they’ll bring into other parts of their lives and would recommend to others.


program options:

id Tech

iD Tech

  • Digital Arts Pathways
  • STEM Pathways
  • and more!
Northwest School

Northwest School

  • Performing Arts
  • Visual Arts
  • and more!
Washington Business Week

Washington Business Week

  • Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Telehealth/Healthcare
Summer Search Seattle


  • Backcountry/Backpacking
  • North Cascades National Park
  • Olympic National Park

participant quotes:

"I'm really happy to be a part of Summer Search. I feel a bit more myself. I feel like it changed me for the better.

"My greatest success during my summer experience was meeting all the people on the trip and becoming great friends with all of them. There are many moments from the trip that I was proud of because of all the hard work we had accomplished together."

"My greatest success during my summer trip experience was having that huge confidence boost and proud feeling in myself when we would reach our goals and the top of the mountain, best feeling ever."

"My greatest success during my summer experience was becoming more confident in my leadership skills. Before my trip, I was the type of person that waited for someone else to do something before I did... My summer experience changed this in me because it taught me how to be a leader under circumstances where I am not experienced."



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