SEATTLE Sophomore Year

Welcome to Summer Search! Seattle Sophomore Year is about deciding whether Summer Search is the right fit for you, building relationships with your mentor & your group, learning about the Summer Search program, and preparing for your first summer experience.

On this page you will find your sophomore mentoring expectations and an overview of sophomore year. Don't forget to check out the enrollment page, group page, and FAQ as well! If you have questions about your summer experience, please visit the Seattle summer experience section.

Sophomore Mentoring Expectations

Individual Mentoring - call your mentor at least two times a month.
Group Mentoring - Attend group mentoring sessions in person or virtually once a month.
Event Mentoring - Attend event group mentoring as scheduled in events on Summer Search CONNECT.
Outreach - Respond to any outreach from your mentor and make sure to complete any paperwork!

Sophomore Activities for the Year


Apply to the Summer Search program!

  • Receive notification of acceptance by email from the Director of Outreach.
  • Receive welcome to enrollment email from High School Program Manager.
Welcome Conversations

You will:

  • Meet your new mentor over the phone or Microsoft Teams
  • Get to know each other as mentor and mentee.
  • Learn about the enrollment expectations.
  • Learn about mentoring expectations.

To enroll you will:

  • Sign and return contracts.
  • Have a Family Orientation session.
  • Attend a group mentoring session.
  • Attend individual mentoring sessions.
  • Complete Summer Experience and Summer Search surveys.
Summer Experience Assignment

You will be emailed your summer experience assignment and info by the High School Program Manager based on your Summer Experience survey.

Summer Experience Application

You will complete your summer experience application with support from your mentor and the summer experience team.

Community Hike

You will attend a hike with other students assigned to your mentor or summer experience to build community and get your equipment.

Send Off Meeting

Meet in person with your mentor to:

  • Talk about your upcoming experience.
  • Confirm travel details.
  • Learn about emergency trip protocol.
Summer Experience One

Attend your summer experience!


Reach out to your mentor and schedule a call after your summer experience.

Welcome Back Celebration

Attend the Welcome Back Celebration in August to build community, play games, and prepare for the upcoming school year.

Summer Search Seattle High School Program Arc



Connect with us in person, on Summer Search CONNECT, and on Instagram to learn about all of the new, exciting projects we're taking on here at Summer Search. 

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