for Justice & Equity

It Starts with a Conversation

Reflecting on our 30+ years of experience mentoring young people of color and first-generation students, Summer Search embraces our ongoing obligation to support our larger community in navigating through deeper conversations on racial justice.

Our Championing for Justice and Equity (CJE) series is a three-year initiative offering community discussions with thought leaders and opportunities to learn, build trust, and take action.

Racially Speaking: The Future of Work

June 15 - Noon ET / 9am PT

In March we discussed corporate America’s role in advancing racial equity, and what tools we have as individuals to achieve that equity.

In June, we examine The Future of Work. Our panel of experts discuss:

  • What will job opportunities look like in the next 10 years?
  • How can we close the perceived career-readiness gap for Americans from low-income backgrounds?
  • How can companies create more diverse talent pipelines?

Stay tuned for the recording and resources.

Upcoming Events

Racial Coding:

The Art and Science of Education Equity

September 28, 2021

More details to come.

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Our Speakers & Special Guests

H. Patrick Clancy

H. Patrick Clancy

President and CEO, Philadelphia Works, Inc.

Javonne Gartrell-Hall

Javonne Gartrell-Hall

People Support Specialist, Apple

Summer Search Seattle Alumna

Dr. Angela Jackson

Dr. Angela Jackson

Managing Partner, New Profit

Summer Search Boston Board Member

Tracy Motley

Tracy Motley

Upper School Math Teacher, The Episcopal Academy

Summer Search Philadelphia Advisory Board

Nicole Baker

Moderated By: Nicole Baker

Emmy-Nominated Anchor, WJZ | CBS Baltimore

About CJE

The year hurt. We launched our Black Lives Matter Community Series to bring the Summer Search community together to heal, learn, and take action. That series has evolved into our CJE initiative.

Throughout this series, we will discuss the importance of listening, receiving feedback, reflecting on our own actions and those of others, and using diplomacy.

This three-year initiative is designed to:

  • Support our larger community to gain greater understanding on inclusion, diversity, and innovation;
  • Promote healing, minimize harm, and create a sense of belonging for all in the larger community;
  • Work with experts in the larger community to build practices that deepen understanding of differences and further increase collaboration.

CJE Leadership

Kris Leja

Executive Director, Summer Search Bay Area


Dr. Marc Spencer

CEO, Summer Search


Hermese Velasquez

Executive Director, Summer Search Boston


Sylvia Watts McKinney

Sylvia Watts McKinney

Executive Director, Summer Search Philadelphia


BLM Community Series 2020

How to Get Involved


Check out a recap of our complete BLM Series on our blog. Learn more about receiving a print of the live illustrations from our events.

Below are some additional ways to contribute to the organizing work that's taking place in our communities, for our causes and resources for deepening our learning. It's important that in this time, we not only check in with each other, but also with ourselves to care for our spirit as we move through this together.