Our Partners

To our Partners: Thank you! You make Summer Search possible. We look forward to continued success, impacting the lives of inspiring young people as they find their way in the world. 


Individual contributions large and small enable us to bring our unique model to more students and alumni, putting education and career access within their reach. See how you can make an impact.

Corporate Partnerships

Summer Search partners with leading corporations to identify resources for young people overcoming obstacles to higher education and post-secondary opportunities. Through a combination of employee engagement and financial investments, our partners foster relationships and leverage industry expertise, contributing to a robust Summer Search community.

Summer Program Partners

Our summer program partners provide the scholarships and equipment for the essential programs and opportunities that launch our high school sophomores and juniors into a brand-new way of seeing the world.

High School & Community Partners

Our school partners are the starting place for every Summer Search journey. They introduce us to the students who will make the most of our program, young people on fire to chart their course and go on to become purpose-driven leaders in their communities.


Summer Search is proud to partner with foundations focused on impact. Our common approach catalyzes us to bring change and economic opportunity to thousands of students.


This means testing our model, strengthening the most promising aspects of our program, and expanding those that demonstrate a measurable impact to help more students thrive.