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Summer Search Alumni are giving back and making a positive impact on the world

More than 4,900 alumni and growing!

Summer Search is proud to have an alumni community of 4,981 leaders. Our alumni share a wide range of achievements that are the pride and joy of our program.

30 alumni serving on staff and boards!

Summer Search Alumni are the best role models for our students. Their leadership at the organization is vital to our present and future success.

Nearly 65% of alumni are engaged with Summer Search each year.

Alumni are highly engaged long after graduation. From joining our staff or Boards, to donating their time and resources, our alumni remain connected in ways big and small.

Alumni-generated revenue exceeded $250,000.

More than 450 alumni made gifts, pledges, and matching gifts in excess of a quarter of a million dollars in 2020, with a median gift of $75.

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What is the Alumni Network?

Our alumni network is nationwide and diverse. Our students graduate to wonderful careers in all industries, such as law, business, culinary, arts, etc. Our online Connect portal provides them a way to easily connect and network about job opportunities, life advice, and friend groups. 

How many Alumni members are there?

We serve Alumni participants from our 5 regional programs (San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, Philadelphia, Boston and New York city.) Here are a few stats about the program: 

  • Nearly 4,000 alumni
  • 15 Alumni on staff at Summer Search
  • Multiple alumni on each of our boards
  • Nearly 65% of alumni are engaged with Summer Search each year
  • Alumni generated revenue exceeded $200K last year

How successful are your alumni members?

We couldn't be more proud. Our alumni are doing amazing things all over the world.

Summer Search alumni are closing the economic equity gap, optimistic about their careers, engaged in their communities and living lives of purpose. Read our Alumni Info Sheet to read specific stats and stories about how they're succeeding. 

Where can I learn more about your Alumni Network?

Thanks for asking. We love sharing our students' success. Visit Our Student Stories page, our Alumni Network page, or CONNECT with us on our online portal. 

Student Benefits

  • Long term 1:1 and peer mentoring
  • Summer Experiences during Sophomore and Junior Year summers that are fully funded and proven growth opportunities for students to grow through new adventures.
  • Individualized post-secondary pathway exploration, financial aid advising and financial capability coaching
  • Consistent community of support for 7-9 years, from high school all the way through participants’ launching their careers - including access to nationwide alumni network.