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Summer Search provides you with opportunities to build the skills needed to succeed.
Since 1990, more than 7,500 students and alumni have partnered with Summer Search.

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How To Become A Summer Searcher


Learn Where we work

Summer Search partners with high schools and community based organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, Philadelphia, Boston, and New York City.

Please check to see if we are working with your high school by selecting your location. If we are working with your school, reach out to the email listed on community page for more information.


Confirm You're Eligible

To be eligible for Summer Search, you must be a sophomore attending a partner school, be Free And Reduced lunch-eligible and be born on or after August 1, 2004.


Optional: Attend an Information Session

You will receive an invitation to attend a virtual information session about Summer Search. If you did not receive an invite, you can still attend. Reach out to the Summer Search staff member listed on your community page.

While not required, these sessions are a great way to learn more!


Complete an Online Application

When you're ready, you can complete an online application.  Your parent or guardian can also review your application and provide some additional information.


Attend an Interview or Welcome Conversation

During the interview or welcome conversation you will get more information about our program, meet our staff, and share a bit about yourself. In the 2021/2022 school year, these meetings will mostly be virtual.


Start Your Journey with Summer Search

You will hear whether you are accepted into Summer Search a few weeks after completing your online application.



What is Summer Search?

Summer Search is a year-round program that empowers young people to confidently pursue their vision of success during and after high school through mentoring, summer experiential learning opportunities, individualized college & post-secondary advising, and career supports.

We believe that all young people should have the support to pursue their purpose and secure their financial futures.

Starting in sophomore year, your student will be paired with a staff mentor and a group of peers for regular conversations where they will work together on building social emotional and leadership skills and exploring college and career options after high school.

Your student will receive support from our community for 7-9 years as your student journeys from high school through to launching their career.

Where does Summer Search work?

We partner with more than 90 high schools in the San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, Philadelphia, Boston and New York city.

Please visit our school partner page to learn whether Summer Search is working with your student’s high school.

How much does Summer Search cost?

There is no cost to participate in the Summer Search program.

How does Summer Search select participants?

Sophomores who attend one of our partner schools (or are connected with one of our partners) and who meet our eligibility guidelines can apply to Summer Search.

To be eligible for Summer Search, prospective students must be sophomores from a partner school, be Free and Reduced lunch-eligible and be born on or after August 1, 2004.

Your student will be invited to complete an online application linked to the Summer Search website.

Once they complete their part of the application, you’ll receive an email invitation to review their application and complete some additional information about yourself and your household in your preferred language. This step may include providing income verification.

Your student will participate in an interview or welcome conversation with Summer Search to get to more information about the program and meet some of our staff to help your student decide whether to enroll in our program.


What is the commitment from participants and their families?

The power of this program comes from the combination of the depth of support provided by Summer Search and the mutual investment made by each young person in our program. Initially to enroll in the program you and your student will be asked to complete an application which includes providing information about your family’s financial picture.

Once your student is accepted into the program, you will be invited to talk with your child’s mentor over the phone, review materials about the program in your preferred language and attend an orientation (which will mostly be virtual in the 2021/2022 school year) to share more details and answer questions.

There are other opportunities to connect with your child’s mentor and post-secondary advisor through the program, including attending events and meetings. There is no cost to participate in the Summer Search program.

Student Benefits

  • Long term 1:1 and peer mentoring
  • Summer Experiences during Sophomore and Junior Year summers that are fully funded and proven growth opportunities for students to grow through new adventures.
  • Individualized post-secondary pathway exploration, financial aid advising and financial capability coaching
  • Consistent community of support for 7-9 years, from high school all the way through participants’ launching their careers - including access to nationwide alumni network.