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Allagash River, ME. | This picture was taken on a week-long river trip in 2020 with my partner. Now we are co-parents together and I can trace back a lot of our solid communication and collaboration to moments in that canoe.

내 약력:

Emily brings decades of work in experiential education and a passion for social justice to her work at Summer Search. She began her relationship with Summer Search while working for Outward Bound, where she had the opportunity to instruct several Summer Searchers on Minnesota Boundary Waters canoeing courses. She went on to become a mentor in Boston for several years and coordinated the local Summer Experiences programming for the site. After leaving to work in study abroad and attain her master’s degree in Social Change, Emily returned to join Summer Search’s National Program Team in identifying/improving/implementing systems to support local sites to best serve students.

Based in Portland, Maine, Emily loves to quilt, read, and get out in nature as much as possible with her partner and young son.

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