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$10,000 supports one year of mentoring

$5,000 supports a transformative summer experience

$2,500 supports post-secondary access services

$1,000 supports ongoing post-secondary success services

$500 supports Emergency Funding for Summer Searchers in need


At Summer Search, we believe our world is better off when everyone can discover their purpose.

Our mission is to unleash students' potential through mentoring and transformative experiences. Beginning in their sophomore year of high school through post-secondary completion, we partner with our students to help them discover that they possess the talent and strength to carve their place in the world.

Our Impact:

  • 100% of our students graduate from high school on time.
  • 69% earn a bachelor’s degree within 6 years of high school graduation, compared to 21% of their peers.
  • The majority of our alumni hold debt of less than $30K, compared to $50K for adults aged 22–35 who borrowed money for college.



Philadelphia Board

Pamela Lehrer, Chair
Harvey Ashman | Larry Brotzge | Joe Clark | Tom Cole | Bryan Colket | Cesar Cortorreal, alumnus |  Lori Espe | Ben Greenfeld | Jessica Hogan, alumna | Andrew Kaplan | James Kennedy | Pamela Sarne McCormick | Mike Morgan | Tracy Motley | Tuan Nguyen | Charles Oliva | Steve Poole | Luke Saunders | Jonathan Sears | Christina Selby | Mike Whalen

Philadelphia Staff

Sylvia Watts McKinney, Executive Director

Carmita Champ | Carlos Hernandez Corona | Robert Gannone | Annie McGuirk-Molina | Tolulope Oladele | Aurora Pomales | Sydney Salley | Muffy

Torres | Orneno Wright

National Board

Teke Kelley, Chair | Antoine Andrews | John Brennan | John Casares | Erik C. Christoffersen | Jill Cowan | Andre M. Cuerington |                           Stephanie DiMarco | Jeff Dorigan | Suzanne Eberhard | Dana M. Emery | Murphy Grant | Brandi Hudson | Angela Jackson | Robin Klaus |                 Sasha Kovriga, Alumnus | Jean Lee | Pamela Lehrer | Bibiana Leite | Tom Mattimore | Jim Milligan | Kurt Mobley | Robert Okun |                         Jabali Sawicki, Alumnus | Jeff Shames | Diana S. Strandberg | Graves Tompkins | Erik Toth


Please reach out to Annie McGuirk-Molina with any questions concerning corporate sponsorships at amcguirkmolina@summersearch.org.