The Hiring Process

We strive to bring respect, transparency, and fairness to all aspects of the hiring process. Here’s what candidates can expect.


We post open positions to the Summer Search website and a breadth of job boards, membership associations, colleges and universities, and specialty groups. We share jobs and solicit referrals from our staff, board, and alumni. Our Talent Team researches and reaches out to individuals in similar jobs at similar organizations, especially those who aren’t already in our networks. Our intention is to reach a broad audience that is targeted and diverse.


The application process entails submitting a resume and a cover letter. We encourage candidates to tailor their cover letter to why they are interested in Summer Search. This is a chance for candidates to demonstrate their passion and connection to our mission. Once you apply, you’ll receive an acknowledgement that we’ve received your application. For many jobs, we receive a high volume of applicants. We strive to get back to all candidates within 2-3 weeks of applying.


The first interview is typically by phone with a member of our Talent Team. From there, candidates are advanced to the hiring team for further consideration. Typically, there are two additional interview rounds, where candidates have the opportunity to meet with the hiring manager (typically the supervisor for the position) and team members in person. To ensure fairness and mitigate bias, interviewers use interview scripts and assessment worksheets that are tailored to the particular position.


Depending on the position, as candidates progress through the interview process, we may ask applicants to complete a written assignment. This assignment is designed to provide candidates a chance to demonstrate their skills and ideas as they relate to specific elements of the job.

Final Stages

After interviews and assignments, we'll keep in communication with candidates if any additional conversations are needed, as well as to provide opportunities to answer any further questions. We look forward to meeting you!


We're hiring and we want to meet you! If you're as passionate about partnering with young people to find their purpose and achieve financial well-being as we are, we want to hear from you. We operate from locations in Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, the Bay Area, and Seattle.