• Personal Nacional

Brendan Hill

Posición: Gerente de Marketing y Comunicaciones | Nacional

Pronombres: él|él


Monterey, CA. | Grateful to experience so many beautiful places in United States with friends and family. The ocean makes me think of my Wife and my Dad.


Brendan believes that every young person, regardless of where they come from, should be able to pursue their dreams. He is grateful to bring his creativity and passion to help promote Summer Search’s mission and to lift up the many incredible stories of Summer Search’s participants and their families.

Brendan’s passion for education comes in part from his own college experience at the University of Miami. Go Canes! He developed an enthusiasm for summer educational programs in high school after spending four weeks away from home studying ancient Greek culture and literature. To this day, Brendan says that this summer program was one of the most enriching and inspiring experiences of his life.

Brendan also loves to explore the world. He has lived and studied in New England, South Florida, “Old” England, and Northern California. He has backpacked through Australia and most of Western Europe, including Greece, of course. In his free time, Brendan enjoys playing basketball, watching English soccer, and writing/performing comedic hip hop songs.

Most of all, he loves (in partnership with his wonderful Wife) playing with his toddler, Marlow, and baby, Murphy.

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