14 de abril de 2023

Cielo violeta - Maddie Lam

Brendan Hill

Brendan es el director nacional de marketing y comunicaciones de Summer Search.

Voces y creadores es una plataforma para que la comunidad de Summer Search comparta perspectivas, creaciones, talentos y más.

Maddie Lam

About Maddie (She|Her):

Lo que ella comparte:

‘Violet Sky’ is the most recent single release from Maddie Lam. Violet Sky is a piano ballad that maps the atlas of a human heart and is a new sonic chapter that captures what healing can look like. As she shared on her Instagram, “This song is so special to me and was birthed from the center of my heart.

You can stream it on Spotify, Apple Music, and all other streaming platforms!

Mire su video a continuación o en Youtube.

In case you missed it, Maddie has been incredibly generous in sharing her voice and stories with us at Summer Search. You also may have noticed her face in our Voces y creadores banner!

Thank you Maddie for all the beautiful things you do, and for being part of this incredible Summer Search community.

Maddie Lam: Sunflower

Watch Maddie’s Sunflower Song.


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