febrero 22, 2022

Al aire libre para todos: Subvención de acceso comunitario para jóvenes

Brendan Hill


Summer Search is honored to announce that we have received a $300K grant from the California Natural Resources Agency!

We also want to extend a huge thank you to Compañeros de viaje medioambientales (ETC) for being our partners in this work! We’re excited to get more Bay Area young people into the outdoors and build the #CAOutdoorsForAll movement.

Youth Community Access Grant Program

Learn more about California’s Youth Community Access Grant Program.

Throughout the state, 65 projects were awarded through the California Natural Resources Agency’s Youth Community Access Grant Program to expand access to cultural and natural resources for youth in underserved communities, totaling over $14 million! 100% of all grant funding is going to underserved and low-income communities across California.

Prop 64 Youth Community Access

These impactful investments will support youth programming by uplifting outdoor access projects that provide California youth with unforgettable experiences with California’s natural, cultural and historic resources.

Learn more about the Youth Community Access Grant Program.

Read the full press release and stay tuned for more!

Header Photo: Summer Search Bay Area students on a wilderness experience with ETC this past summer.

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