enero 31, 2023

Navegando por la maternidad – Lilliam Doriscat

Brendan Hill

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Lilliam Doriscat

Lilliam Doriscat

About Lilliam (She|Her):

Lo que ella comparte:

Navigating Motherhood,” an authentic and powerful reflection on becoming a mother. Lilliam shares the many ups and downs of her experience as a new parent to her daughter Mia, and offers a call for better parental leave policies and support for working mothers.

Here are two short excerpts from her piece, originally published on LinkedIn.

“There is not one word to describe what becoming a mother has felt like but to name a few… I have experienced joy, anxiety, dread, fear, exhaustion, heart-bursting love, sadness, loneliness, anger, pride, and awe. I’ve experienced all of these intertwined at the same time and it was a rollercoaster…”

“Supporting working mothers is not just a women’s issue, it is an issue that affects everyone in society. By providing support for working mothers, we can create a more equitable, productive, and inclusive society for all.”

Read more here >>

Lilliam Doriscat - Navigating Motherhood

Lilliam and her daughter Mia, from Lilliam’s LinkedIn post.

Thank you Lilliam for your honest and vulnerable words on Motherhood, and thank you for being part of this wonderful Summer Search community.


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