Summer Search CONNECT

Summer Search's global community

  • Build your social capital
  • Seamlessly connect with peers from the same summer trip, graduation year, or mentor
  • Apply to a job that is specifically seeking Summer Search talent
  • Make a positive impact through coaching and philanthropy
  • Advance your career through forming a coaching relationship, applying for an job, or joining exclusive events

Benefits of Joining


Network with other Summer Searchers and increase your social capital. CONNECT provides a seamless experience for those searching for other Summer Searchers across the country. Advance your career, coach a college student, and connect with institutional partners.

Post-Secondary Participants

Achieve agency in your post-high school lives and access the necessary resources to jump start your educational and professional careers. CONNECT allows students to easily make choices and utilize resources to bolster their future decisions.

A Glimpse into CONNECT


A complete list of everyone on CONNECT with clickable profiles. Find other Summer Searchers based on specific filters like Summer Search Site, high school graduation year, work experience, education and more. Use our map feature to see a list of Summer Searchers near you who want to help!

Job Page

Seeking employment? Check out our job board where staff, alumni, and community partners post new opportunities exclusive for Summer Search graduates. If you're a partner seeking to add talented, diverse, and emotionally intelligent employees or interns, contact your Summer Search rep.


Schedule meetings with your mentors or ask for coaching help from other professionals based on industry, field, education, and more. CONNECT allows you to take full advantage of our large network without any barriers like requesting to connect or having a premium account.


Summer Search staff across the country are continually adding helpful resources for students, participants, and alumni to assist folks in different pathways. Need FAFSA forms? A step by step guide? Visit the Resource Center.

Get Help or Give Help

Send direct messages, ask for coaching and/or offer your own helpful services. There are over 7,000 Summer Searchers out there waiting to be your coach and help you to thrive in any pathway you are taking.


Looking to find folks with similar interests? Want to connect with your regional Summer Searchers? Say hello to Groups - a place where Summer Searchers gather to share news, collaborate, and communicate in private groups.

News Feed

Have you ever wanted to know what other Summer Searches are up to (even if they live across the country?) We have! That's why we created the Summer Searcher News Feed. Share your successes. Ask questions. Celebrate together. Let's make an online community we're all proud to be a part of!