Systemic obstacles unfairly block young people from thriving.

Education is among the most powerful instruments for impacting career opportunities and lifetime earning power.

However, for People of Color and first-generation individuals, systemic barriers exist that block access to high quality education, mentoring, opportunities for growth, and professional networks.

Where does

Summer Search

come in?

Our holistic program provides a lifelong orbit of empowerment. We partner with students in navigating the systemic barriers so they can achieve economic equity and a life of purpose.

Summer Searchers

are closing the gaps.

Education Gap

Just 21% of students from low-income communities earn a bachelor’s degree compared to 57% of their peers from higher-income communities.

Graduating & Securing Career Opportunities

62% of our students earn a bachelor’s degree compared to 21% of their peers. They also graduate with $20k less debt and 80% feel "optimistic" about future job opportunities.

Mentorship Gap

Mentorship matters for at-risk youth - 76% of at-risk students with a mentor report having college aspirations. Whereas, only 56% of students have college aspirations when they don’t have a mentor.

Long-Term Mentorship

Our 7-9 year mentorship program gives students a foundational support they can count on. 95% said their mentor helped them set and pursue goals.

Enrichment Gap

The wealthiest 10% of U.S. households spend $9K annually on out of school enrichment for their children. To put that into perspective, the median family income for our participants is $24,732.

Summer Search Experiences

We provide two fully-funded summer experiences that allow students to try and see new things.

Opportunity Gap

Our students face limited access to professional networks and career opportunities, whereas 43% of college students relied on family connections to get an internship interview.

Career and Financial Mentorship

Career & Financial Mentorship

Our extensive post-secondary mentorship includes career training, financial counseling, internship matching, and professional development.