December 22, 2015

Here at Summer Search, we are not only in the heart of the holiday season, but also in the middle of the college application season, when high schoolers across the country are preparing, filling out and submitting applications for the colleges/universities they hope to attend.

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This is an especially important time for our Summer Searchers, as many of them will be taking steps to become the first in their families to go to college.

Toni Ann from Summer Search New York City is one of those students.

She has always been a hard worker, and ever since middle school, she knew she had a knack for mechanics. While she hoped this skill set would help lead her to college, she admitted that, “before Summer Search I knew college was an option, but I never really tried to make it happen for myself.”

Also, like most of our students, Toni Ann faced many challenges in her daily life (including growing up in an area of Queens that experienced a lot of violence) that made focusing on academics difficult.

“When I first heard of Summer Search, I was going through a really hard time in my life. I was really depressed and was not in a good place. Getting into the program and having a mentor that I could count on made it easier to move past things that were upsetting me.”

Toni-Ann-TripToni Ann on her second summer trip, at Yosemite National Park in California with Adventures Cross Country.

Toni Ann, now a senior at Aviation High School in Long Island with college in her sights, expressed her gratitude for the help she received with the entire college selection and application process.

“I am so thankful for Summer Search because there are so many kids in my school and only one college advisor. But having a college advisor at Summer Search, with all of our specific wants and needs, it’s really amazing.”
Continuing on her knack for mechanics, Toni Ann decided that she wants to get a degree in mechanical engineering, and eventually (after graduation) go into the Air Force.

So far, Toni has taken her SATs, written her college essays and has applied to 16 different schools. She hopes to hear back from them soon…

“Summer Search has helped me discover that I have many different opportunities and places I can go to college.”

We want to wish Toni Ann (and all our Summer Searchers) the best of luck with their college apps! We can’t wait to see how high you soar, whether you end up in the Air Force or not.

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