June 30, 2022

Welcome to another edition of #Snapshot, where we bring you a glimpse of what’s going on at Summer Search.

Summer is here!!

This week marked the official beginning of our Summer Trip Season, with our first groups of students departing for their experiences.

Students at their Boston Wilderness Orientation

Summer Search Boston students and mentors at their Overnight Wilderness Orientation.

For the last several months, our staff has been partnering with our High School sophomores and juniors to prepare for a safe and empowering summer.

Together, they've picked the right experience for each students' goals, whether that be a wilderness experience, participating in a months-long leadership program, learning about environmental justice, or much more.

Each community also held events for Summer Searchers to receive whatever gear they need for their trips, as well as prepare mentally and physically for the challenges and adventures ahead.

Our Bay Area students, along with staff and volunteers, participated in hikes in Napa and Richmond.

In Boston and Philadelphia, our teams held wilderness orientations, giving Summer Searchers the chance to practice their camping skills.

Bay Area students, mentors, and volunteers enjoying hikes to get ready for summer.

Summer Search Seattle kicked off their summer with a day of celebration where students picked up their hiking boots and broke them in on a three-mile walk on a beautiful, Seattle day.

Seattle students, staff, supporters, and volunteers at Dream See Do Day. Photos by Joshua Lewis.

Join us in wishing our Summer Searchers GOOD LUCK! Have fun and be safe on your experiences! We can't wait for you to get back and tell us all about it.

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