November 24, 2015

‘Tis the season for giving thanks!
Here at Summer Search, we love saying “thank you.” In fact, one of our core values is to “say ‘Thank You’ seven times.”
But why seven times? This concept came from our founder Linda Mornell, who never asked for more support until she said “thank you,” seven times. So, while this idea was initially conceived as a fundraising tactic, it has inspired an organizational-wide culture of gratitude.
In that spirit, here are seven messages of thanks, from seven great, and grateful, Summer Searchers. #ThankYouX7

Brima — Boston
Brima-Boston“The number one highlight (of my summer trip) was making a new family. The kids there were amazing. Everybody was so close to each other, and we always helped and cared about each other like a true family. The instructors didn’t feel like instructors, they were more like mentors and parents. They cared about me and helped me with anything I needed, like becoming a better and stronger person.”
Tamara — Philadelphia
tamara-2“I greatly appreciate Summer Search for giving me the opportunity to participate in the program and sending me out into the woods feeling safe with the instructors. I also appreciate all of the supporters that donated money, making the trip possible and providing us with all of the supplies we needed to go hiking and canoeing for those two weeks. Thanks to that trip, I met new people and learned new things about the real world and myself.”
Diana — San Francisco
Diana-SF-2“I am so grateful that I was put on this (summer) trip where I was challenged to better myself. I’m grateful for everyone there, because without them, I wouldn’t have made it… I’m so happy to be in Summer Search and I can’t wait to see how far everyone will go. I know that all of them have the power to make an impact. Whether they impact just one person, or a whole community. The point is that we have the power to make a change. This trip taught me valuable skills that I know could get me far in the future.”
Samantha — Silicon Valley
Samantha-200-SV“My relationship with (my mentor) was akin to a teenage rebel meeting their therapist, at least in the beginning. I dreaded picking up the phone and only told her what she wanted to hear. As time and trust developed, I began to see her more as a resource for turning up the volume of my inner voice and turning down the ‘noise’ of insecurities, doubts and fears. She truly became an integral figure in my development… I am grateful for my mentor’s guidance, patience and fine-tuned attention. I strive to reflect her characteristics when I encounter friends or colleagues in need.”
Donaciano — North Bay
Donaciano-200“I have come full circle in my professional career. I am now working at the very same office that helped guide me to college. I am a program assistant for the Summer Search North Bay office where I am able to help mentor students. As an alumnus of the program I know what it means to be a part of the Summer Search family. I am now on the path to give back and help others reach their full potential, and that is my passion that continuously drives me.”
Johanna — New York City
Johanna-200“I work for a non-profit organization that provides legal and social services for victims of domestic violence and human trafficking. I entered the non-profit field keeping in mind Summer Search’s philosophy of saying ‘thank you seven times’ and giving back. Working with women who are victims of abuse and trafficking has been my way of giving back to a population that is often overlooked. Summer Search taught me the importance of having a support system and I wanted to be a part of an organization that provides such systems for others.”
Angie — Seattle
Angie-200-SE“Following graduation in 2014, I worked abroad for Catholic Relief Services, a humanitarian aid organization in West Africa. I recently returned to Washington, D.C., where I work with the U.S. Department of Treasury on programs that aim to increase economic opportunity and promote community development for underserved populations. My Summer Search experience instilled in me a desire to give back to those individuals who may be overlooked or underestimated to help them reach their fullest potential, as I have felt that Summer Search has done for me.”
Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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