June 3

Telling Our Story, With OneStory


One of the things we ask of our students during their initial interviews is that they share their story with us. Now, you have the chance to do the same!
As part of Summer Search’s 25th Anniversary, we have been diligently collecting stories from our entire community as we remember the past 25 years, and look ahead to the next 25.

But how do we gather and organize all of these stories across seven sites and thousands of students, alumni, volunteers and other supporters? Well, that’s where our friends at OneStory have stepped in to help. Their storytelling platform makes it easy to crowdsource video interviews online, from anywhere. Once a Summer Searcher records a video, we can easily add it to our 25th Anniversary Timeline.
[wpvideo nPj7Vi4b] (recorded at Summer Search San Francisco’s 25th Anniversary Gala Dinner, 5/6/15)
Send Us Your Story
To join the storytelling fun, just submit a quick video of yourself by doing the following:

  1. Visit our Summer Search/OneStory page.
  2. Click the “Share Your Story” button.
  3. Start recording your video by following the prompts through three questions.

(Note: if you don’t like your first take, don’t worry, you can re-record it as many times until you are happy with it.)
Then look for your video on our timeline… it’s THAT easy!
So, what is YOUR Summer Search story?


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