Welcome to a special edition of #SummerSearcherMade -- a series to lift up and celebrate our Summer Search students and alumni who are business-owners, leaders, entrepreneurs, activists, artists, and creatives.


Since launching this series, we've had the honor of celebrating an incredible group of Summer Search students and alumni who are making moves, progress, and impact.

But there are so many more of our folx to spotlight and connect with. 

So, we're bringing #SummerSearcherMade - the hashtag and the heart behind it - to Summer Search CONNECT, our digital community!

#SummerSearcherMade on CONNECT, formerly known as the Business Directory, is a place for Summer Searchers to uplift and promote their work, company, or business. 

Whether creating, building, leading, exchanging, or selling, #SummerSearcherMade on the CONNECT is an inclusive space to showcase the excellence of Summer Searchers, even if their "work" doesn't fit into a specific box.

Screenshot of our #SummerSearcherMade directory on CONNECT

Screenshot of #SummerSearcherMade on CONNECT and four of the many listings!

For Summer Searchers:

Get your business/work/creations in front of our network of 3,000+ and tap into the excellence of your peers!

If you or any Summer Searcher you know is interested in showcasing your excellence on #SummerSearcherMade, post to connect.summersearch.org/business-hub.

For Supporters, Friends, and Partners:

Explore (and stay tuned for more) #SummerSearcherMade stories about our one-of-a-kind community of doers, entrepreneurs, and (#boss)movers.


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