From the DR to BOS: a journey of growth and community connection.

"I want to apply my knowledge and be able to help my community"


From the vibrant streets of the Dominican Republic to the bustling city of Boston, Brankely's journey is a testament to the power of resilience, adaptation, and community spirit. Her story is one of overcoming challenges, embracing opportunities, and making an impact. 

Brankely's transition from the Dominican Republic to Boston at the age of 12 was marked by myriad challenges. The shift to a new culture and language was daunting; yet, it was her unyielding spirit and determination that steered her through these initial hurdles. 

Reflecting on this time, Brankely shared, "The beginnings were hard getting used to a new culture, getting used to a new weather. In the Dominican Republic, we don't see snow." This period of adjustment laid the foundation for her resilient character. 

Brankely in Boston office

Early Challenges and Adaptation

Joining Summer Search was a turning point in her life. The program was more than an escape from the rigors of academic life; it was a gateway to self-discovery and personal growth.

In her guest appearance on"#3Qs with Alex J.," Brankely shares that "Coming from another country to having the support system that [Summer Search was] able to provide me, especially with [my] mentor and being able to meet with them weekly..." was pivotal in her development. 

Shoutout to Liz Marino, one of Brankely's mentors at Summer Search!

Brankely's summers were spent engaging in challenging and enriching activities that pushed her beyond her comfort zone and instilled in her a sense of confidence and purpose. 

After high school, Brankely's journey took her into the realm of international business, leading to a promising career in the financial industry in Boston. However, her commitment went beyond professional success. She channeled her energy and resources into uplifting her community. Brankely started, Mundos Apartes,Tierras Unidas (MATU), the first Latin club at her school, which is still active today.

Hear from Brankely in her 2023 appearance on #3Qs with Alex J.

Personal Growth and Insights

From a young girl grappling with a new language and culture to a confident professional shaping her community, her evolution is nothing short of remarkable.

Brankely's inspiring journey of resilience and community engagement echoes the core values of Summer Search. Her story, marked by a transition from a young immigrant to a proactive community leader, embodies principles like embracing one's full identity, committing to personal growth amidst discomfort, and actively supporting marginalized communities. 

Throughout her experiences, Brankely has exemplified the power of perseverance, the importance of equity and inclusion, and the transformative impact of embracing multiple truths and perspectives. Her narrative stands as a beacon of hope and a testament to the potential that lies in stepping out of our comfort zones and dedicating ourselves to continuous learning and service.

Brankely Gracia, undoubtedly, is #SummerSearcherMade.

Brankely on her first summer experience in Oregon, U.S.A.

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