February 6, 2016

It’s Super Bowl week! #SB50

As the final two teams remaining in the NFL playoffs (the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos) prepare to go head-to-head on the field, we at Summer Search are celebrating the fact that we get to be on the same team as our fellow Super Bowl 50 Fund “Game Changer” Award recipients.

We’re so grateful to have been included in this group of five game-changing Bay Area non-profits who are benefitting from the generosity of what some are calling “the most charitable Super Bowl, ever.”

Watch the Game Changers in action!

The video has a lot of great content, so here is a guide to help you navigate:

Intro: 0:00 – 2:48

Summer Search and Alexis: 13:04 – 15:16

Impact of Grants: 18:15 – 21:18

Closing: 21:19 – 23:35

The Summer Searcher featured in the video is North Bay’s own Alexis Flores. Learn more about his inspiring story, and see how he is going to be a game changer for his family and his community.

You can also check out the other game-changing organizations featured in the video, which are: Fresh Lifelines for Youth, Juma Ventures, La Clínica de la Raza, and First Place for Youth. #GameChangers


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