December 11, 2018

Welcome to another edition of #Snapshot, where we bring you a glimpse of what’s going on at Summer Search.

Summer Search New York City’s Bronx Mentoring Center is officially open!

Bronx-studentsSummer Search New York City Program Associate Stephanie Zapata (back) with students from the South Bronx in the new Summer Search Bronx Mentoring Center.

This satellite space will complement the NYC main office in downtown Manhattan and will offer South Bronx students a more accessible location to participate in weekly mentoring conversations and individualized college and financial aid counseling.

Bronx-office-before-afterBefore and after shots of the Bronx Mentoring Center.

The Bronx Mentoring Center is located in an area known as “The Hub,” near major subway and bus lines, and within walking distance to several of our South Bronx partner high schools. The space features private mentoring rooms, staff and student workspaces, a leadership office, a group mentoring room, and a college counseling area.

Bronx-opening-speakersAsia Cruz, Summer Search NYC alumna (middle) talks about the importance of the Mentoring Center at the Grand Opening Celebration.

“What makes me excited and hopeful about Summer Search being in the Bronx is not having to commute all the way to Manhattan to meet with my mentor,” said Bryan, a senior at University Heights High School. “Also, due to the short distance between my school and the Bronx office, it is much easier to get to know everyone there and to have the availability to stop in and say ‘hi.’ It is such great news to hear about Summer Search expanding here and I am really eager to check out the new office!”

Bronx-opening-groupFrom left to right: Summer Search NYC Board Member Jean-Marie Painvin, Carlota Painvin, Fabia Jimenez, Board Member Jordan Singleton, Board Member Suzanne Worden, Alumnus George Nunez, Board Chair Graves Tompkins, and Executive Director Peter Retzlaff.

The Summer Search NYC team welcomed guests to the new space with a Grand Opening Celebration for stakeholders on November 26 and a reception for program staff, students, and high school partners on December 4.

Summer Search Bronx student gift basketStudents welcomed staff to the South Bronx with a gift basket filled with hand written notes.

The Bronx Mentoring Center will have a significant impact on Summer Search’s ability to serve South Bronx families and will provide a welcoming, accessible, and consistent space for the South Bronx students and families we work with for years to come. The Summer Search New York City community is thrilled to usher in this new chapter for Summer Search.

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