July 29, 2022

Welcome to another edition of #Snapshot, where we bring you a glimpse of what’s going on at Summer Search.

That's Judith García, Chelsea City Councilor and Summer Search Boston alumna, with the best seat in the house at a Boston Red Sox game, alongside Nilson "Junior" Pepen (the Red Sox's Spanish play-by-play announcer)! 

Judith Garcia at Red Sox game

Judith Garcia with Nilson Pepen in the Boston Red Sox press box.

As Judith shared on social media: "Still pinching myself whenever I remember the legendary Nilson Pepen Jr. invited me into the announcers booth to help call the Red Sox game... Thank you for your sage advice and your kind support for me and my campaign!"

At the game, Judith also celebrated and congratulated a group of young scholars who were being honored by El Mundo and the Red Sox.  

Judith is a four term City Councilor who has been a fearless advocate for her community (since winning a historic election in 2015!). On the Council, she has championed issues ranging from affordable housing to access to education and environmental justice. Plus, when COVID-19 hit Chelsea hard, Judith led recovery and response efforts in the city, spearheading the creation of $1.5M emergency relief fund for small businesses.

This year, she is running for State Representative to, as she describes on her website, "fight for public policies that make our state more compassionate and just for the families that literally make our communities run."

That's one reason she's been so busy lately. Judith has been out here campaigning; attending events, rallies, and connecting with her community, including joining her "sister-in-service" Councilor Tanairi García to celebrate the opening of her coffee shop in Chelsea!

Judith Garcia celebrating the opening of a local coffee shop with her Chelsea community.

In between her civic duties, Judith also had another important role to play, as the Maid-of-Honor at the wedding of her dear friend, fellow Summer Search alumna Bao-Tram Do!!

As Judith reflected in a poignant post on her Instagram: 

"I remember meeting you 14 years ago through Summer Search. We were teenagers hiking with impossibly heavy backpacks, camping under impossibly beautiful skies, and talking about our impossibly fantastic dreams. I distinctly remember you telling me about your future wedding and more importantly your future husband. It was surreal to serve as your Maid of Honor as you married Tuan because this is exactly what you predicted all of those years ago. I cannot wait to watch you two continue to grow together."

Judith Garcia and Bao-Tram Do: together at BT's wedding (left) and on their first Summer Search trip (right).

What a beautiful, full circle moment!

We can't wait to see what Judith does next as an unstoppable community leader and dedicated friend. Keep up with her campaign via her website, Instagram, or Facebook.

Send Judith's team a message if you’re interested in putting a yard sign in your window or on your lawn.

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