May 15, 2018

Welcome to another edition of #Snapshot, where we bring you a glimpse of what’s going on at Summer Search.

May 1 was the official deadline for high school seniors across the country to make their college and post-secondary education decisions. Throughout the beginning of the month, many of those students have been taking to social media to celebrate this important milestone, including Summer Searchers!

We’re so proud of all our students, many of whom will be the first in their families to go to college, for taking the next step in their academic journeys!

Boston Office College Decisions

First up, Boston students Dhruval (left photo, center) and Lwam came into the office to show off their decisions and celebrate with their mentors. Dhruval — pictured with mentors Oneda Horne (left) and Armani White — is heading to Wheaton College, and Lwan is going to Tufts University.

Boston College Decisions

Other Boston students also shared photos of their college choices. Thierno (left) committed to Bridgewater State University, Alex (center) decided on Boston College, and Scottmichael (right) chose Curry College.

In addition to the students, our Boston staff members were very much in the College Signing Day spirit, showing off their favorite attire from their alma-maters!

Sonne going to SPU

In Seattle, Sonne (above) shared this photo announcing his exciting decision to attend Seattle Pacific University. And Emma (below, on the left, pictured with her mom), who recently won an award as a top senior in her high school, chose the University of Washington.

Emma going to UW

In the Bay Area, Karen (below) celebrated her decision to attend UC Santa Cruz at a College Signing Day event at her high school.

Karen from the Bay Area heading to UCSC

Speaking of events, some of our New York City Summer Searchers joined more than 200 fellow college-bound students at College Decision Day hosted by the Harlem Educational Activities Fund last week.

NYC at College Decision Day 2018

A few of them also shared what they were looking forward to the most for their first year of college.
Jarie (pictured above, far left), who is heading to Johnson and Wales University, says she is excited about independence.

“I’m looking forward to going to my dorms and eating the food! You know me, food lover,” said Kayla (second from the left), who will be joining Abigail (center) at SUNY Albany. Abigail says she is looking forward to “the beginning of my future!”

For Binghamton University-bound Leillanny (second from the right), “joining sports/clubs and figuring out what I like” is one of her first-year goals, while George (far right) is looking forward to meeting different people at Bowdoin College in the fall.

Finally, a few of our Philadelphia students also got to attend a big college event, College Signing Day with former First Lady Michelle Obama!

For those keeping score, this is NOT the first time Summer Search and Michelle Obama have come together.

College Signing Day in Philly

Pictured above, from left to right, we have Myles (going to Temple University), Jaela (heading to West Chester University), Nile (joining Myles at Temple), Ya-Kiera (attending California University of Pennsylvania), and CJ (taking a Gap Year).

The event featured lots of celebrity guests, including Questlove, Zendaya, Malcolm Jenkins, Robert De Niro, Bradley Cooper, Nick Cannon, and many more, all packed into a basketball arena on the Temple campus to celebrate higher education.

“It was such an incredible celebration of students from all over Philly opening doors for their futures,” explained Philly mentor Kaitlin Irvine. “I was in some of the Class of 2018’s initial interviews for Summer Search and to see them develop their post-secondary visions since 10th grade, push through the obstacles of the application process, and make decisions that fit their futures is such a treat! I’m so proud of them and excited to see all they have in store for the world.”

Michelle Obama at College Signing DayPhoto credit: Reach Higher

In her closing remarks, Michelle Obama echoed that sentiment, saying that College Signing Day “is a day when we can all come together to honor your passion and ambition and cheer you on as you get ready to take the next big step in life… We are proud of you! There is nothing more important than your education because this is the investment that no one can take away from you… And I know you have everything it takes to succeed.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Congratulations to the Class of 2018!

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